Meet the Producers

Location: Tusk Bakery, Kenchara Street, Mar Mikael
Time: weekly on Wednesdays 5.30 – 8 pm

We are happy to tell you we’ve started a new collaboration to give you the best of fresh products !

Here’s how it works:
1 : You place an order by filling the online forms:

Fruits, vegetables and moune 

Dairy products

2 : You come and get it at Tusk on Wednesday from 5.30 to 8 pm where we can share a moment together !
By buying this way you contribute to a solidarity-based economy (by helping your farmer selling directly to the ones who will consume his products), you help develop a clean agriculture respecting the nature and everybody’health and you get to know the person who works from his bare hands to offer you quality products at the lowest price.
We want to offer freshly harvested fruits and vegetables and we need time to prepare the orders, that’s why we ask you to send your order BEFORE Tuesday evening. For dairy  products, we ask you to send your order BEFORE Monday evening. Thank you.
Here are the different producers :

Les Racines du Ciel

Seasonal fruits and vegetables and “mouneh”. Les Racines du Ciel is located in the mountains near Nahr Ibrahim river in North Lebanon.

All our products are grown with no chemicals or fertilizers. All the “moune” is homemade with our products. Order here.

Zad el Kheir Farm

Organic dairy from goat milk and Jersey cow milk.
Get a 20% discount on all Zad El Kheir products when you place an order through Meet the Producers. Order here.

Tusk Bakery

A wide range of bread, pastries and cakes, flavoring wholegrain flour and local ingredients. All breads and pastries made with slow sourdough fermentation, no commercial yeast used.

Basatin Baanoub

Coming soon.

Da Rocha Farm

We are a family run farm, finding our place in the ecosystem. Our vision is a community that knows its food and trusts its farmers.
We believe a great product comes from great soil, and our objective is to continuously better our quality.

We hope we’ll see you next Wednesday !