Permaculture :
Organic farming is not an ultimate goal, it is only a transition phase. The outcome to permaculture is a long process, it’s where we want to get closer to.
Our work diversification of crops and varieties is done gradually, we do not want a conversion at a tree cutting price … This is why we consider our attempt at harmony with nature as a mission, a long-term challenge, which involves not only a crop change but also a change of perception of the world. It is an endless work aiming at getting closer every day a little more of what is called permaculture.
When we change the way to grow our food, we change our food, we change society, we change our values …” 
Wendell Berry
Eco-friendly building :
The construction sector is one of the most polluting that’s why more environmentally friendly alternatives are emerging around the globe. Thinking about energy-saving buildings throughout their life cycle (construction, use, destruction) while using bio-based materials are two tracks of action possible.
At the farm we work on small scale projects that can serve as an examples in a country where green building is still emerging